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Top IPhones To Buy In 2020

Although it is fear of COVID 19 everywhere but what has not changed is the passion for the latest gadgets and the iPhone is the most popular among these. Getting an iPhone is not something easy. There are several versions of the iPhone that are available in the market right now. They all have certain common features but the upgraded versions are added with modified features as well that can suit the needs of the different people. The most loved ones in current times are iPhone11 Pro Max and IPhone SE. IPhones are a great gadget but what buyers are mostly concerned about is the mobile phone repairs in Fremantle that can be really pricey at times. 

If you want to add something special from the Apple to quench your desire of having a great iPhone collection, then here are some of the top options from Apple that you can choose from.

1. iPhone 11

If you really want to invest in something great then iPhone 11 can be a great choice. This has not much sophisticated specifications but it is considered better than many options like the iPhone XR. If you want to capture great pics, then this phone can really do the job quite well with the combo of main and the ultra-wide lenses. The battery life is long enough to give the best moment on its high quality LCD screen. Apple is ensuring to add IOS 13 to this series. It is a smart and stylish gadget to carry while listening to your calls or having fun time with your gadget.

2. iPhone 11

Proit is an expensive but a great choice for the iPhone lovers. It comes with a 12 MP triple rear cam with high quality pictures and videos. For the selfie lovers there is nothing better than the front camera of 12 MP. It has a 4 GB memory that can be comfortably extended with the addition of a memory card. A powerful battery of 3,046mAh gives uninterrupted performance for hours. Whether you are watching a video or chatting with your friends through a video call the 5.8-inch screen is a real gift.

3. iPhone 11 Pro Max

It is big and it is better. With a size of 158 x 77.8 x 8.1mm and a weight of 226 g it is worth buying. People who spend hours on the screen would love the screen measuring 6.5 inches. The triple cam on the back and the 12MP cam in the front are a treat for those who do not want to miss capturing the special moments.

4. iPhone SE

It is a great choice for those who want something great in nominal rates. The 4.7-inch screen is a great competitor of many android phones in this category. With 3GB extendable storage it is easy to download your favourite apps and media files for the free time. Click the best moment with 12MP rear and 7 MP front camera.

5. iPhone XS

Another option for those looking for something compact is this phone by Apple. 4 GB RAM, IOS 12, 5.8 inches’ screen is a real treat. The camera both at the back and the front do commendable job.


Repair Services

How To Maintain Your Mobile Properly?

You must make sure that you learn how to maintain your phone properly. If you do not maintain your phone properly it will most likely break. People depend on their phones now more than ever so if your phone breaks it can really disrupt your life in a big way. People use their phones to take care of their social media accounts, to do business and even to get school work done. Phones play a big role in our lives now so make sure that you maintain your phone properly. You will also be spending a lot of money to get one so when you maintain it properly you will not be wasting your money.

You must protect it

If you want to maintain your phone properly then you must make sure that you find ways to protect it. You can do this by getting samsung phone accessories such as a case or a screen protector. This will protect your screen from getting cracked and damaged so it will help you maintain it. You can drop your phone sometimes because accidents do happen but by getting a screen protector you will be making sure that you are prepared for a situation such as this one. Visit this link https://www.mobilebarn.com.au/39-accessories for more info on Samsung phone accessories Yamba.

Do not use one that is faulty

Make sure that if your phone does get damaged you replace the damaged part as soon as possible by getting Samsung spare parts Australia. Things such as damaged batteries can be dangerous to use because they can explode while you are charging your phone so it is good to get damaged parts replaced. You will also find it easier to use your phone when you replace the damaged parts.

You must clean it

Make sure that you clean your phone so that dust does not get in thorough the openings. There are special solvents that you can buy that will not damage your phone and that will make sure that your phone is cleaned properly. Get advice from experts on how to clean your phone properly to prevent you from damaging it.

Use a good charger

If you want to protect your battery you must make sure that you buy a good quality charger. Poor quality chargers can actually take a lot longer to charge your battery and this is not good for your mobiles battery. This can cause the battery life to reduce which will mean that you have to charge it more often. When you charge it more often you will cause damage to it as well. A good charger will make sure that your battery is charged quickly and will not impact the battery life negatively.